Social Compliance

Social compliance policy

  • CBF Tekstil acts with the principle of “People First” at every stage of production and management.
  • Our target at CBF Tekstil San. ve Tic. A.S. is to ensure that our Social Compliance Policy becomes part of our corporate culture.

For this reason, social compliance standards have been established and are being implemented.

  • In addition to creating products and services with these social compliance standards, we aim to give our employees all their rights within the framework of laws and regulations, to comply with occupational health and safety rules, to be sensitive to the environment, to establish an open and honest communication between employees, and to create a workplace where they are respected and valued.

Within the framework of this policy, the commitments of the Social Compliance Policy under SA8000: 2014 and WRAP are as follows:

    • Not employing children
      Our workplace undertakes not to employ workers under the age of 15 and to duly employ young workers between the ages of 15-18, adhering to the minimum age provisions of applicable laws and regulations. Being aware that children belong in educational institutions, the ban on child labour complies with: the Labour Law, Occupational Health and Safety Law and other legal regulations and International Labour Organization standards

    • Forced and compulsory Labour (voluntary Work)
      Our workplace undertakes not to employ forced or involuntary workers and supports this issue through the existence of employee contracts.

    • Occupational health and safety
      Our company insures all of its employees. Simultaneously, by regularly working with doctors and occupational safety experts, it protects employees and takes their health seriously. By minimising the risk of employees’ exposure to accidents, injuries and all kinds of factors that endanger health, it undertakes to create an environmentally friendly work environment where employees can work safely, healthily and efficiently, and to fully comply with social compliance standards and projects.

    • Freedom of association
      We respect employees’ freedom to act together, join a union and bargain collectively.

    • Prevention of discrimination (equality approach)
      Our workplace values all of its employees and their contributions. It has a deep-rooted commitment to stand against discrimination  and ensure equal opportunities. By committing to providing employment based on the ability to do business regardless of race, language, religion and gender, it enables women to become stronger through employment.

    • Wishes and complaints
      We undertake to evaluate the wishes and complaints of all employees and apply the complaint-request mechanism in a systematic manner.

    • Working hours
      Complying with the legal requirements during working hours is voluntary. Our working hours are determined on a five-day basis. Normal employees work nine hours a day, employees and interns from İŞ-KUR work eight hours, and pregnant women work seven and a half hours. Our employees work 45 hours a week, with a maximum of 22.5 hours overtime per month. A maximum of 12 hours of overtime work per week is allowed. We undertake to limit the weekly overtime working hours in accordance with SA8000: 2014, WRAP and customer standards.

    • Fees and Payments
      Workplace, its employees and the current minimum wage is applied. This is carried out in full compliance with applicable laws and employment contracts on wages, working hours, overtime and benefits and is paid on time. Overtime work must be voluntary and our company is committed to meeting the minimum standard of living in each specific region of operation.

    • Environment
      As a company, we take care to provide an environmentally friendly and safe working environment, to prevent environmental pollution and to reduce pollution at source with effective waste management, as well as to protect natural resources with effective energy management.

    • Compliance with Laws and Other Obligations
      We are committed to complying with the applicable laws and regulations, the business partnership rules of our customers and the management systems standards we apply voluntarily, to all applicable customs-related legislation, to continuously monitor and to operate in accordance with them.

    • Prevention of Harassment and Maltreatment
      Physical violence or disciplinary action, sexual abuse or harassment, verbal teasing or intimidation are strictly prohibited. Verbal and thereafter written warnings will be issued in relation to such problems. All employees are guaranteed to work in peace.

    • Relations with suppliers
      We undertake to evaluate the Social Compliance activities of the supplier companies we work with, to convey the results of the evaluation to them, and to gradually improve their social compliance levels. This way our suppliers can to grow healthily with us.

    • Management system
      Our company undertakes to carry out the activities of the Social Compliance and Social Performance team in accordance with SA8000: 2014 and WRAP Management System Standards in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

    • Compliance with customs legislation
      We undertake to comply with local and international regulations in force regarding customs, and to prevent the illegal shipment of our products.

    • Product safety
      We undertake not to keep goods without notification (illegal substance-material) that would violate the security of shipments.

CBF TEKSTİL undertakes that all the above-mentioned policies will be
implemented in compliance with Turkish Labour Law and relevant ILO conventions.

EFFECTIVE DATE: 27.04.2018      REVISED NO: 4      REVISED DATE: 07.12.2018
CBF TEKSTIL VE DIS TIC. A.S. is named as CBF TEKSTİL in policy.

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