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We’re delighted to introduce our factory established in the Niksar district of Tokat, Turkey. Our facility, which has a production area of approximately 5,200 square meters and a landscape area of 15,000 square meters, currently employs 420 people, with aspirations to upscale as required.

Some of the most outstanding features of our factory are:

A monthly capacity of 400,000 pieces with great potential to expand

Automatic fire extinguishers with comprehensively coverage

LED lighting systems providing 50% energy efficiency

Sewing and cutting machines with cutting-edge oil blocking technology

Energy efficient building construction

Automatic generator that can meet the entire facility’s energy demands.

We also offer a positive work environment for all by delivering a convivial social atmosphere that helps us produce the highest quality clothing possible. We believe it’s our primary duty to provide a safe and enjoyable work environment for all our employees.

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