About us

About Us

CBF Turk is a garment manufacturer and supplier based in Istanbul, Turkey. We founded the CBF family in 1998.

We are constantly growing according to market need and opportunity, and our team and expert staff is experienced in producing a wide variety of products.

For more than two decades, CBF has been working with well-established companies, creating extremely solid and sustainable relationships. As such, we’re proven, trusted and respected. We always strive to meet our customers’ needs and requirements, and our registered quality and production knowledge ensures a smooth process from start to immaculate finish.

The rapidly growing ready-to-wear industry is constantly evolving. At CBF, we follow a multitude of innovations with enthusiasm and aim to continuously improve our capabilities. We’re an independent business that supplies the latest fashion trends in large volume bands and creates the soundest designs. We serve our customers expeditiously, usually catering to needs in six to eight weeks from design to delivery.

Our vision is for our customers, employees and business partners to remain proud of our existence. Our stakeholders feel our products with confidence and happiness, as we efficiently use time and resources, comply with laws and the environment, act as pioneers of innovation, and remain a strategic production partner to the world’s leading industry brands.

Our Vision

Our Mission

CBF’s mission is to be a pioneering institution that follows and interprets developments in the fashion sector. We achieve this through our young and dynamic team who create, present to customers and produce with confidence. As such, we add value to our customers, employees and partners.

By offering customers excellent value driven by the most efficient use of time and resources, and through price and time delivery advantages, we continue to work with a transparent management style and the highest standards of product and service quality, to transform the continuity of our customer relationships into strong partnerships.

In addition, we are:

  • Aware of our corporate responsibilities, within the framework of openness and integrity, to work in a safe business environment
  • At peace with nature and spread environmental awareness
  • A pioneer for other companies by acting upon the “People First” principle.
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