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In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, CBF Turk launched Virsuit – CBF Medical section in April 2020. Within the framework of a proactive action plan and an agreement made with the Ministry of Health, CBF Turk began to manufacture Protective Coveralls in our modern factory. Our success in producing Protective Coveralls led to their selection as donations by the Turkish government to many countries including the USA and England. An important niche in the Medical Clothing sector, the VIRSUIT brand adds to our company’s success that includes exporting our products to many countries around the world and developing new products with CE certification from European Union-approved institutions.

It is ever-more important to be aware of the production process of the products you use. This includes from where, using which base materials, by whom and under what conditions. Just as with ready-to-wear products, such issues are paramount for Medical Clothing products. Our company plays a leading role in the sector and answers all such questions by employing the most stringent production processes backed up by systematic certification and tests applied in the supply chain.

CBF Medical has started to create positive waves in the Medical Clothing sector with our traceable, ethical and quality production levels by producing to the highest in-factory quality standards. In this context, our company produces Protective Coveralls, Protective Gowns, Protective Boots-Shoes Coverings. All of these products carry the following accountability and quality standards: SA8000, ISO 9001, SEDEX, Here’s Equal Woman, CE (European Union Approved) certificates for foreign medical customers who so value Traceable Ethical Quality Competitive Production.

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As a dental surgeon, I wear Virsuit's White Gown during dental treatments. I feel comfortable while working; they are soft, very protective and yet at the same time very good looking. Extremely good experience during Covid times!
Dr. Neslihan Efeoğlu
Dental Surgeon
Virsuit's Coveralls are very comfortable to wear. The Boot Covers are a great help with their anti-slip sole while working. You don't sweat in them, while in others you do so after 10 minutes.
Sezai Zorlu
Disinfection Worker
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